Chat with Chris Library

Each week, we go live at 4:30pm ET for our weekly “Chat with Chris” during which we’ll spend from 15-30 minutes on relevant topics, from estate planning to monthly market updates. Check out the library below to explore the topics that are most relevant to you!

9/10/2020 – How to Pay for College

What’s the best solution (for your circumstances) to cover the cost of college? Check out this Chat with Chris to discover your options. 

9/3/2020 – Annuities Simplified

Do you understand what you may have vs. what you may want vs. what you may hear when it comes to annuities? Check out this video to learn more.

8/27/2020 – August Market Update

Check out the market update and overview market indicators that was covered in this late August Chat with Chris. 

8/20/2020 – Become Debt Free for Life

You are interrupting compounding by making debt payments while you could be earning interest on your money. Learn how to become debt free for life.

8/13/2020 – Understanding Income Options in Retirement

On this call we went over what income options are available in retirement – covering things like employer sponsored retirement plans, tax efficient income planning & MORE.

8/6/2020 – Why You Should Have an Estate Plan

If you don’t have a plan – the government does. Check out this video on what an estate plan includes, and decide if you need one.

7/16/2020 – Assess Your Risk

Do you know how much risk you’re taking in your portfolio? Check out this 20 minute call to delve into different types of risk you may be exposed to, and to learn more about how to manage your risk.

7/2/2020 – Medicare Basics

Check out this video to learn the basics about how medicare works!  For more in depth videos on Medicare, check out our page “Medicare Simplified.”

6/25/2020 – Long Term Care 

LTC can be expensive, but it’s necessary. We’ll talk about what LTC is, what it covers, AND we’ll touch on your options to pay for it.

6/18/2020 – Market Recovery

Check out this video from mid-June 2020. Chris takes us through the market update and goes over market indicators and more.

6/11/2020 – Roth Conversions & CARES Act

Check out this Chat with Chris where he goes over Roth Conversions and the CARES Act.

5/25/2020 – Retirement Virus

Join us for this Chat with Chris to learn about what the financial impact of a pandemic can be; how to “vaccinate” your money and better protect your future and more.

6/1/2020 – Reverse Mortgages

Learn how retirees are using reverse mortgages as part of their overall financial plan, and how it might work for you.

5/21/2020 May 2020 Market Update

This is a market update for May 2020. Insights into what the market is doing and why.

5/13/2020 – Afraid of Missing the Rally?

Are you afraid of missing the rally? Check out this short “Chat with Chris” to find out what he’s thinking about the current market.

5/10/2020 – Reverse Mortgages Preview

Check out this call preview – on 6/4/2020 Chris will be taking a deep dive into the mechanics of Reverse Mortgages and how retirees may be able to use the cash in their home to access money tax free.