What Are Your Greatest Retirement Fears?

  • Medical emergencies could wipe out my savings

  • Not enough capital to put away for significant growth
  • A market decline could wipe out my current savings & investments
  • My 401K and IRA are maxed out
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Help strengthen your financial future with Kai-Zen®, the supplemental retirement savings plan.

Kai-Zen offers an un-capped ability to contribute to a tax-deferred retirement savings plan that also allows participants to finance a portion of their contributions which is expected to help enhance overall returns. You can achieve tax-deferred accumulation in a principal protected life insurance policy. This leveraged, tax-deferred growth is attractive to those who believe their existing, traditional retirements savings plans may be insufficient to meet lifestyle needs in retirement.

*The Kai-Zen® Strategy is dependent on the client making contributions for the first 5 years therefore not defaulting on the policy, which could result in policy lapse and surrender charges. The client will not have access to the policy, the cash values, the death benefits or the living benefits until the loan is repaid and the assignment is released. The lender has the right to discontinue funding new premiums, exit the market, or to demand loan repayment based on the terms and conditions signed by the Master Trust. See the Master Trust documents for additional information. There are some exceptions to this rule. Please consult a tax professional for advice concerning your individual situation.